Publikasi Tahun 2018

  1. Ni Wayan Purni Astiti, The Impacts of Professional Allowances and Working Motivation Towards Teachers’ Working Performance at Senior High School in Mataram, Indonesia
  2. Hartoni, Effect Of Core And Skin Thicknesses of Bamboo Sandwich Composite on Bending Strenght
  3. S. Anwar, Study Of Reliability Of Building a hospital in The Town of Mataram Against Fire Hazard
  4. S.M Noviyanti, Evaluation Of Factors Influencing Time Performances pf PLTU Jeranjang Completion using SWOT and AAHP Methods
  5. L. Rahmanadi, Hybrid Thecnique Between Design of Experiments And Artifical Neural Networks For Rainfall-RunOff Model Calibration Method
  6. Ikhwan Elhuda, Evaluation of Earthquake Territory in Lombok using Statistical Method
  7. Hafis Hamdani, Application of SCC(Self Compacting Cncrete) on the Joint of Beam-Columns Cause of vertical loads
  8. M. Syaripuddin Hazri, Paradigm for conditional liberation prisoners in perspective civil right
  9. Mukammal, The Assessment of students english speaking ability in syaikh zainudin islamic senior high school east lombok
  10. Vienta Mawanda, Effectiveness of Implementation of School-Based Management in Elementary Shool 1 Puyung Central Lombok
  11. Sherwin A. Busman, The Effect of Clothing Size Manipulation adn Social Comparison on Customer Self-Esteem and Purchasing Desicion
  12. Lalu Johari, Pearl Business In Increasing Prosperity Of Pearl Craftsmen In Sekarbela Area Of Karang Pule Mataram City, Province Of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
  13. Ana Fatmawati, Village Funds Accountablity and Misuse Prevention in Lombok Tengah Regency of West Nusa Tenggara Province
  14. Nur Istiqamah, The Influence of Tax Knowledge, Tax Penelties and Internal Control System on Treasures’ Tax Compliance in Bima Municipality, Wes Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia
  15. Sadunih, Code-switching by members of bilingual families in Mataram
  16.  Fendhica Nickolan, Determinant Of Regional Financial Management Accountability And Its Consequences To The Stakeholder Trust: A Study At Regional Government In Dompu, Indonesia
  17. Syahudin Abi, Whistleblowing Intention Of Indonesian Government Internal Auditor (Apip) And Anonymous Reporting Channel Interactions
  18. Sri Marlina Ekayanti, Determinants Effectiveness Fixed Asset Management of District Government on the Island of Lombok
  19. Ika farelia mardiani, Development of Teaching Materials Handout to Improve Literacy Skills of Science and Students Decision – Making Skills on Materials Hydrocarbon
  20. M. Khadafi, Experimental Investigation On Flexural Properties Of Glulam Timber Beam Reinforced By Bamboo Strips
  21. Erna Wijayanti Rahayu, Development of Modern Settlement Kekalik Jaya Mataram City
  22. Ahmad Syaifu din, Speech Acts of Classroom Interaction
  23. R .Ayu Ida Aryani, The Effect of Perception of Use, Ease, Security and Confidentiality to Use E- Filing (Study in The Tax Office Pratama Raba Bima)
  24. Yulianti L., Planning Analysis Of Land And Building Tax Of Rural And Urban Sectors After Being Locally Taxed
  25. Feri Rakhmat, Critical Perspective On Management Of Market Retribution Collection
  26. Supaan M, Correlation of Educational Supervision with Teaching Motivation and Theacher Performance Elementary School-Junior High School one Roof Sub-District of Wanasaba East Lombok
  27. Ahmad Pauzi, Pineapple Leaves Fibers Composite Mechanical Properties
  28. Munawir Haris, Leadership and Pattern of Communication of School Principal for Increasing Teacher Performance
  29. Asmui, The Roles of School Principal in Improving Teacher Profesionalism in Lombok, Indonesia
  30. Walter Oliveira Soares, Feed Intake, Feed Digestibility and Live Weight Gain of Male Cattle Fed Different Combinations of Leucena Leucocephala and Corn Stover Under Farm Conditions in Timor Leste
  32. Muhammad Fauzi, Principal’s Managerial Skill in Improving Teachers’ Preformance
  33. Lisa Dewi Purnama Sari, Task-based learning and student team achievement division on students motivation and reading achievement
  34. Saiful Bahri, Comparison of expression of God in poems written by Amir Hamzah, Chairil Anwar and Sutardji Calzoum Bachri
  35. Erni Zuhara, Profile of Biology Literacy In The High School Student’s Of West Lombok Regency
  36. Rosdiana Eka Juniyati, The Influence Of Guided Inquiry Learning Model To Student’s Learning Outcomes Based On Preknowlledge
  37. Ahmad Abdan Syakur, Text of cigarette advertisement: A semiology study of Roland Barthes
  38. Dewi Iryani Mulyanthi, Critical Thinking Disposition of Senior High School Student In Central Lombok Regency
  39. Munawir, The use of roi and i’a in Bima language at district of Sape, Bima
  41. Herrudi, Fraud Financial Management of School Operation Assistance (BOS): Study at State Elemtary School in East Lombok, Indonesia
  42. Riadul Jannah, The Influence of Human Resources, Use of Information Technology and Public Participation to the Transparancy and Accountability of Village Financial Management
  43. Adeth Kadarusman, Implementation Analysis of Special Financial Assistance Management in Rural Budget
  44. Dessy Prasantiya, Taxpayer Compliance Determinants Of Motor Vehicles At Samsat In Lombok Islands Indonesia
  45. Nurhayati, Sentence Analysis in Broca’s Aphasia
  46. Syarafudin, The Correlation Between Leadership Pattern of School Principals and Teachers Competences with Classroom Management at Secindary Schools in Mataram, Indonesia
  47. Hapid, The Follow UpVillage Examination Report (Case StudyOn Villagein Western Sumbawa)
  48. Sapoan Hakim, Potential Use of Virtual Currencies in money Laundering and Terrorism Funding in Indonesia
  49. Infan Juwaini, Optimization of Village Financial System (SISKEUDES) for Village Financial Administration (Case Study in Dompu Village Goverment, Indonesia)
  50. Frida Nurcahyani, The Influence Of Good Governance, Government Internal Control System, Budgeting Participation And Remuneration On Managerial Performance with Organizational Commitments Moderating Variable(Empirical Studies In The 8 UPT Directorate General Of Early Childhood Education And Community Education Ministry Of Education And Culture)
  51. Amiruddin, The Effect of Isomorphism Institutional Presure, Presentation of Financial Statement and Accesibility of Financial Statement towards Stakeholder Trust (Study al Local Goverment in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia)
  52. Maulidiana, Implementation of Good Corporate Governance Principles towards The Performance of Employee’s Financial Management
  53. Baiq Anne Oktafiana, Factor that Affect Manager Performance of Procurement of Goverment Goods / Services (Study at Goverment of Central Lombok Regency, Indonesia)
  54. Ade Maulana Zaidun, Determinant of Budgetary Slack with Regulation as Moderation Variable on Village Financial Management at Sumbawa Regency Indonesia
  55. Mila Nurmayati, Effect of Participatory Budget, Information Asymmetry, Organization Commite, Budget Emphasis and Individual Capacity towrds Budgetary Slack in Local Goverment in Central Lombok, Indonesia
  56. Dibyo Prabowo, The Successful Tax Amnesty 2016 in Indonesia (Study in Tax Service Office Kendari)
  57. Budi Purnama Wijaya, Discrection Planning of Grant Assistance: Phenomenological Study in Sumbawa District, Indonesia
  58. Faturrahman, Effect Of Liquidity, Leverage And Profibility On Payment Of Deviden Size Company As Control Variable (Study At Manufacturing Company In Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2011 – 2015)
  59. Nungki Komaryati, The Implementation of Balanced Scorecard as an Alternative Performance Measurenment at Samsat Mataram
  60. Zakizamani, The Influence of The Macroeconomic factors As Measured by Inflation, Interest (BI Rate) and GDP Growth, Market Share as measured by the share of bank financing and Bank Health Level measured by CAR, FDR, NPF, ROA to Return On Assets (ROA) Islamic Banking in Indonesia
  61. Andimutiafitri, Synthesis of Magnetite Based Iron Sand by Using Coprecipitation method
  62. Fitri Puji Astria, The Development of Chemical Learning Materials Based On Projects with a Saintific Approach
  63. Nishfiya Ramdoniati, Development Of Chemical Learning Materials Based Pbl On The Topic Of Electrolyte And Nonelectrolyte Solutions
  64. Khusnul Auliya, Effectiveness Of Problem Based Learning (Pbl) Model With Open Ended Approach Using Student Activity Sheet To Improving Creativity Of Student Senior High School
  65. Syaiful Anam, Analysis Of Infrastructures Design At Mandalika Resort Project By Using The Value Engineering
  66. Rustam Efendi, Factors Affecting The Quality Control Of Internal Government Control Apparatus (Apip): Study On The Regional Inspectorate Of Bima Regency In West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia
  67. Suherman, Evaluation Of User Priority In Selection Of Ready Mixed Concrete Suppliers In Lombok-Indonesia Using AHP Method
  68. Ala Purnawati, Learning Development Tools Based On Guided Inquiry To Improve The High School Students Skills On Critical Thinking Of Materials In Colloidal System
  69. Veni Rori Setiawati, Conversion of Anthocyanin From Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Costaricencis) To Metal Complexes: Prospects For Sensitizer In Solar Cells
  70. Yaumul Chairiah Ningsih, Development Of Learning Based POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning)Concept Control In Improving Student Senior High School 8 Mataram Acid Base Materials
  71. Nurul Ilmi, Antibacterial Activity of Endophytic Bacterial Isolates from Moringa Oleifera Plant Against Staphylococcus aureus and Proteus Mirabilis
  72. Ala Purnawati, Learning Development Tools Based On Guided Inquiry To Improve The High School Students Skills On Critical Thinking Of Materials In Colloidal System
  73. Veni Rori Setiawati, Conversion of Anthocyanin From Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Costaricencis) To Metal Complexes: Prospects For Sensitizer In Solar Cells
  74. Meilynda Pomeistia, Determination of Lipase Enzyme Activity from Rambutan Seed Germination
  75. Azizudin, Comprehension Of Islamic Teachers Education At Junior High School Subjects On Financing Products In Sharia Banking At Mataram City Of West Nusa Tenggara Province Indonesia
  76. Marlina, Comprehension And Implementation Of Zakat Trade Among Restaurant Entrepreneurs At Mataram City Indonesia
  77. Sri Nirwana Sarowati Zikri, Ethics Of Islam In The Utilization Of Zakat Funds: A Study At National Zakat Amil Agency (Baznas) East Lombok Regency Province Of West Nusa Tenggara (Ntb) Indonesia
  78. Agus Setiawan, an Analysis of Tsunami Inundation in Mandalika Tourism Area (Stage 1) Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara
  79. Bambang Sucipto, Analysis of Economic Growth Determination and Invesment Needs in North Lombok
  80. Baiq Susdiana Fibrianti, A feasibility study for social and general facilities in Perumnas Tanjung Karang Permai Mataram
  81. Supardi, Development Of Watershed Assessment Procedure: A New Approach
  82. Eka Putrianti, Effect of Participation (Ksm), Self – Suporting Agencies Society Performance (Bkm), Management Revolving Fund and the Level of Success Project Self Pnpm Urban (Empirical Studies in the District of Kediri and Labuapi West Lombok Regency)
  83. Siti Mar’atus Sa’adah, The Determination Of Tax Compliance Government Treasurer In Mataram, Indonesia
  84. Ade Lynda Maulintika Idris, The Determinant Disclosure Of Internet Financial Reporting In District And City Government In Indonesia
  85. Riana Meilya, Fiscal Illusion and Defining Factors of Capital Expenditure (Study on Undeveloped Areas in West Nusa Tenggara)
  86. Sukma Listari, The Influence of The Goverment Internal Control System, Goverment Accounting Standards, Role of Internal Auditors And The Completion of The Audit Findings To Good Goverment Governance (Emprical Study on Inspectorate And Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan (Bpk) In West Nusa Tenggara)
  87. Miftah Ruli Hartanto, Implementation of Performance-Based Budgeting: A Phenomenological Study on National Land Agency
  88. Baiq Hapazah, Determinant Quality Of Regional And Financial Statements (Study On Local Government Regency Of Lombok Timur)
  89. Sahrun, The Effect Of Facility Of Infrastructure Facilities And Madras Managerial Ability To Teacher Performance Madras Tsanawiyah Sub district Pringgarata
  90. Munawar, The Importance of School Management Pattern for Quality for Quality Control of Secondary Islamic Schools in Lombok, Indonesia
  91. Mahsar Haswadi, Children Phonological Acquisition for 3 to 5-Year-Olds
  92. Lindayana, Divergent Principles of Politeness in Verbal and Non-Verbal Directive Speech Act
  93. Nurfatuhiyah, Learning Materials Development on Descriptive Texts Based on Local Culture as Learning at Junior High School
  94. Jamiluddin, Integration Of The Technologies Of Simple Drip Irrigation And Rain Shelter For Sustainable Chili Productionin East Lombok, Indonesia
  95. Muhamad Taufik, Implementation Of The Program Of Increasing Corn Production In West Lombok Regency, Indonesia
  96. Akhmad Suweno Ajiyanto, Stakeholders’ Perspectives On Partnership On Corn Farming In Dryland Of North Lombok, Indonesia
  97. Detty Agustin Riscal, The Effect of Job Design and Compensation Mediation on The Influence of Leadership to Employee Performance (Study on Planning officer / Program SKPD of Mataram City)
  98. Ni Putu Deviary Kusuma Pratiwi, The Effect of Environmental Knowledge, Green Advertising and Environmental Atittude Toward Green Purchase Intention
  99. Rahmat hidayat, Education and Job Training Employee Performance
  100. Makiah, Effect of Work Life Balance, Workplace Spirituality of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) trough Organizational Commitment as Untervening Variables (Study on Teacher Generaion Y in Islamic Boarding School District Wes Lombok)
  101. Amrillah, Effect of Leadership and Work Environment toward Organizational Commitment With Job Statisfaction as Interviening Variables
  102. Susmianto, The Effect of Ethical Leadership and Organizational Culture on Work Ethos and Its Impact on Organizational Performance: Case Study in Regency Department of Lands of Lombok Island, Indonesia
  103. Muhammad Hamsyuni, The Effect of Work Motivation Factors and Work Satisfaction on Employee Productivity
  104. M. Alan Fauji, Effect of Competence, Motivation of Employees, Leadership and Culture Level to The Quality of Public Services for Popular Administration in Demand of Population and Civil Registration of Bima District, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia
  105. Budi Wicaksono, The Influence of Organizational Culture and Leadership Behavior of Teacher Discipline at High School, North of Lombok
  106. Ahmad Muzhar, The Effect of Halal Label on Brand Image and Its Impact on Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions
  107. Arif Rahman, The Effect of Leadership Training on The Improvement of Leadership Competence, Work Motivation and Job Performance of Echelon III Officers in The Provincial Goverment of West Nusa Tenggara
  108. Agus Setiyono, The Effect of Leadership on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour through Work Climate and Job Satisfaction
  109. Hidayani, The Influence Of Viral Marketing Toward Trustworthiness And Buying Interest Students At Mataram University
  110. Fendy Maradita, Comparative Analysis Of Job Satisfaction And Organizational Commitment Based On Civil Service Status At State Islamic University (Uin) Mataram
  111. Waqid Andana, The Influence of Motivation Factors to Work Satisfaction and Organization Commitment on Members of The Taruna Siaga bencana (TAGANA) in Social Agency of NTB
  112. Wawan Kurniawan, Implementation of Community Health Center Reorganization in the Era of National Health Care towards the Work Stress of Medical Personnel and Paramedics of Community Health Center in West Lombok District
  113. Nuansa Risma, The Role Of Organizational Commitment Mediation On The Effect Of Person-Organization Fit And Job Satisfaction To Turnover Intention
  114. Baiq Lita Hanopia, Investment Deposits Decision-Making In Bank: A Behavioral Finance Perspective
  115. Dewi Anita, Ecolexicon wealth of nautical expression in Kuta Lombok society
  116. Muliadi Alkapitani, The enrichment of new vocabularies in Sasak language because of gold mining spreading in Sekotong west Lombok
  117. Rizka Donny, Critical Thinking Disposition of Senior High School Student In West Sumbawa Regency
  118. Iwan Dahlan, Tensile Test of terminalia catappa fruit fiber composite material
  119. Siti Julaikha, Decrease in the count of spermatogonium in male mice (mus muculus) that expose to cigarette smoke
  120. Baiq Chairun Nisa, Development of chemical instuments (handout) model of findings based on KAPRA class X SMA / MA
  121. Moh Khaerul Azmy, Development of chemistry teaching materials in the form handout based (PBL) in class IPA Madrasah Aliyah (MA) Kediri District
  122. Try Setianingsih, Learning Effectiveness bases on LKPD assistance problems in iproving skills of creative thought participants
  123. Rabiatul Adawiyah, Development of Interactive physics E-book in Rigid Body Equilibrium and Rotational Dynamics
  124. Agus Salim, Problem Based Learning Model to improve the Students’ critical thinking
  125. Lalu Wira Zain Amrullah, Isolation and molecular identification of endophytic bacteria from red betel root (piper crocatum ruiz & pav) as a producer of anti-bacterial compounds
  126. Hermansyah, The Effect of using virtual laboratory in guided inquiry learning on cognitive learning outcomes of physics
  127. Usman Zainuddin Urif, Mustahiq (Benefiaries) Behaviour in utilizing zakat found islamic economic perspective
  128. Faizin, 5E Learning Cycle Model To Improve Students’ Scientific Attitude
  129. Baiq Laela Puspitasari, Effect of Cooperative Learning Model of Team Assisted Individualization On Critical Thinking Ability
  130. Christinsenia Seranica, Influence of Guided Inquiry Learning Model to Critical Thinking Skills
  131. Ketut Sumedana, Philosophy and Juridical Bases of Penal Mediation Implementation In The Criminal Justice System In Indonesia
  132. Wahyu Kamil Syarifaturrahman, The Inflection of Sasak Language in Kuripan Village
  133. Musabbihin, Students’ Difficulties And Their Perceptions In Writing Recount Text A Study At The Second Year Students Of Ma Muallimin Nw Anjani In Academic Year 2016/2017
  134. Gazali, The Formation Of Regional Regulation Based On Sharia In The Framework Of Indonesian Law System
  135. Firzhal Arzhi Jiwantara, The Extension of Absolute Competence of State Administrative Court after the Enactment of Act Number 30 of 2014 on Government Administration in Indonesia
  136. Akhmad Suweno Ajiyanto, Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Partnership on Corn Farming Dryland of North Lombok, Indonesia
  137. M. Rogib Rova Allamu, Attitude Analysis On The Effect Of Career Development On Organizational Commitment Of Frontline Employees Of Banking Sector In Mataram City
  138. Siti hasanah, The Influence of Inkuiri Learning Models Are Leading To the Critical Thinking about Students Students State 1 Lingsar
  139. Zulpan Hadi, The Engineering Design Of Decision Making Toward The Stipulation Of Evaluation Methods In The Bidding Of Government’s Goods And Service Procurement In The Regency Of East Lombok
  140. Yuslifar Artadi, Analysis of Flood Pronen Areas Zone by Using Geographic Information System (GIS) in Matarm City
  141. Dewi Sunarsasi, Study On Comparison Between Handling Povincial Road Priority In Lombok Island Using Provincial Road Management System (Prms) In West Nusa Tenggara In 2017 And Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  142. Baiq Dina Hardianti, Effects of Addition of Soybean sprout cooking water and Acetobacter xylinum to Weight and Thickness of Nata de Pitaya from Dragon Fruit Skin (Hylocereus polyrhizus)
  143. Fahruddin, Culturally responsive teaching practice in early childhood
  144. Zulfakar, The application of cooperative learning by junior high school teachers in east praya, central lombok, west nusa tenggara-indonesia
  145. Adizul Syahabuddin, Developing Rural Agribusiness in Sumbawa Regency, Indonesia