September 9th, Postgraduate of Universitas Mataram sign the MoU for opening the Special Class again. This time, the class will be opened as a collaboration with The Government of East Lombok Region. The signing was combined with the Launching of Curriculum for a Special Condition and attended by the Regent, the head of Education and Culture Departmen, and the Chief of Cooperation Division of East Lombok Region. As for Postgraduate of Universitas Mataram, the director of Postgraduate companied by the head of MAP and MPIPA also came and attended the signing.

The MoU was signed by the Director of Postgraduate of Universitas Mataram and the District Secretary of East Lombok Region infront of the teacher representatives of elementary and junior high schools in East Lombok. In the middle of this event, the Regent expressed that he expected at least 50 teachers will be able to continue their study through this special class.

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