Tuesday, September 8, 2020, the Postgraduate University of Mataram is exactly 15 years old. On that day, the postgraduate celebrated its 15th Anniversary by holding a thanksgiving ceremony for tumpeng cutting and eating together. This anniversary celebration does not end there. With the theme “Building Local Economic Optimism in the New Normal Era”, Postgraduate also held a series of other events in the form of seminars for students as well as an exhibition of ornamental plants and business incubators which took place on 24 – 27 September 2020.

The opening of the Postgraduate Anniversary which was held on September 24, 2020 yesterday, also opened a series of events on the 58th Anniversary of the University of Mataram. At the opening ceremony, the Rector of the University of Mataram was also present to give a speech and symbolically opened a series of anniversary events by receiving tumpeng pieces from the Unram Postgraduate director. After the series of events was officially opened, the Chancellor and other invited guests were welcome to have a look at the exhibition stands.

At this event, the Postgraduate also signed a Cooperation Agreement to open a special class with the Mataram City Government and the NTB Province Agriculture and Plantation Office. In addition to the collaborations that have been successfully built, the Postgraduate also hopes that the opening of several new study programs that are currently being prepared will run smoothly and be as successful as the collaborations that have been successfully built.

[08/092/020]Video Syukuran Dies Natalis Pascasarjana Unram Ke-15
Video Pembukaan Dies Natalis Pascasarjana ke-15 Sekaligus Pembukaan Rangkaian Acara Dies Natalis Universitas Mataram ke-58

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