As the New Semester began, Postgraduate of Universitas Mataram held Studium Generale for Students of all three Magister Programs under its management, combined with the inauguration of the Committee of Perkumpulan Pendidik IPA Indonesia (PPII). This Studium Generale held on August 19th and invited 2 lecturers from other uiversity as speakers. The first speaker, Prof. Chris Anderson from Massey University of New Zealand, gave a lecture in Agriculture field. After the first session of lecture, the Inauguration of the Committee was held and continued with the second lecture presented by Prof. Dr. Sudarmin, Lecturer from the Faculty of Science, Universitas Negeri Semarang.

This Studium Generale was attended by the Students and the lecturers of the three Master Programs (MPSLK, MPIPA, and MAP), the board of Postgraduate Unram, and few alumnus.

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