A. Magister Pendidikan IPA
Science and technology are presently having rapid development due to the support of science. Therefore, the development of science education has a very important role to catch up in the field of science and technology.

Development of Science Education requires human resources who mastered science and education especially to develop Innovative and Creative learning models in each education level.

Masters of Education in Science has a high relevancy to develop Education Resources especially in the center and east Region of Indonesia. The curriculum’s designed to have flexibility which is adjusted to students’ background and stakeholders’ demand that seems to keep growing, and it will be able to help the students to improve and develop competency and professionality as a lecturer, teacher, curriculum designer, or educational science program evaluator in the elementary, secondary, and higher education level.

Master Graduate’s Profile

Masters of Education in Science have a higher chance to continue their study to a higher lever (Doctoral Program). Profiles from this Master of Education in Science are :
1.    Professional Educator
2.    Education Manager
3.    Curriculum and Science Learning Developer
4.    Science Education and Science Researcher.

C. Competency
Competencies expected for the Master of Science Education are:
1.  Capable to Participate in Developing Science.
2.  Has a wide and deep knowledge in Science Education.
3. Capable to apply their knowledge and expertise to solve scientific problem based on scientific rules.
4.  Capable to improve Science Education Profession Service through pedagogy, research, and science development.
5. Capable to develop the field of study in a wider spectrum by associating with another field that is still in the same group of study.

Sebaran Mata Kuliah Per Semester

No Code Subjects Credits dan Semester
1 PS 5101 Phylosophy of Science Education 2      
2 PS 5102 Learning and Teaching Science 2      
3 PS 5103 Science Education Curriculum 2      
4 PS 5104 Integrated Science 3      
5 PS 5105 Practical Work in Science 2      
6 PS 5201 Science Education Research Methodology   2    
7 PS 5202 Design Model of Learning Science   2    
8 PS 5203 Independent Study   2    
9 PS 5204 Instruments Design of Science Education Research   2    
10 PS 5301 Planning of Learning Science     2  
11 PS 5302 Management of Learning Science     2  
12 PS 5303 Teaching Ability     1  
13 PS 5405 Thesis       6
Sub Total 11 8 5 6
I. Biology Education
14 PS 5205 Kapita Selekta Biology   2    
15 PS 5206 Microbiology   2    
16 PS 5304 Environmental Biology     2  
17 PS 5305 Biotechnology     2  
Sub Total 0 4 4 0
15 PS 5207 Applied Physics Chemistry   2    
16 PS 5208 Organic Chemistry   2    
17 PS 5306 Structure and reactivity     2  
18 PS 5307 Analitical Chemistry*)     2  
Sub Total 0 4 4 0
19 PS 5209 Mechanics and Thermostatics   2    
20 PS 5210 Modern Optics   2    
21 PS 5308 Modern Physics     2  
22 PS 5309 Electrodynamics     2  
Sub Total 0 4 4 0
PREFERATIVE SUBJECTS**)  **Select one subject or more
23 PS 5401 Media of Learning Science     1  
24 PS 5402 Data Analysis Technique of Science Education Research     1  
25 PS 5403 Literacy of Science Education Research       1
26 PS 5404 Bioactive Compounds       1
    Sub Total 0 0 1 1
Credits Per Semester 11 12 10 7
Total Credits Required (I+II+III+IV) 40

*)   Mahasiswa memilih sesuai dengan konsentrasi bidang minat
**) Mahasiswa memilih matakuliah pilihan sejumlah 2 SKS

Staf Pengajar

1Prof.Dr. Dwi Soelistya Dyah Jekti,M.Kes.194712091973022001IV/eGuru Besar
2Prof. Dr. H. Agil Al Idrus, M.Si.195709111983031004IV/dGuru Besar
3Prof. Ir. I Made Sudarma, Ph.D.196006061985031032IV/dGuru Besar
4Prof. Drs. Agus Abhi Purwoko,M.Sc.,Ph.D.195908231985021001IV/dGuru Besar
5Prof. Dr. H.A. Wahab Jufri, M.Sc.196212251987031001IV/cGuru Besar
6Prof. Dr. H. Muhlis, M.Si.195902181884031002IV/cGuru Besar
7Dr. H. Wildan, M.Pd.195712311983031037IV/cLektor Kepala
8Dr. I Nyoman Sridana, M.Si.196012231985021001IV/bLektor Kepala
9Dr. Agus Ramdani, M.Sc196401231988031002IV/bLektor Kepala
10Dr. Jamaluddin, M.Pd.196005041988031003IV/aLektor Kepala
11Dr. Yayuk Andayani, M.Si.196109141988032001IV/aLektor Kepala
12Dra. Susilawati, M.Si.,Ph.D.196708311992012001IV/bLektor Kepala
13Dr. Harry Soepriyanto, M.Si.196002151986031002IV/aLektor Kepala
14Drs. Aris Doyan, M.Si.,Ph.D.196711151997031001IV/aLektor Kepala
15Drs. Dedy Suhendra, M.Si.,Ph.D.196712071996031002IV/aLektor Kepala
16Dr. Imam Bachtiar, M.Sc196302171988101001IV/aLektor Kepala
17 Dr. Gito Hadi Prayitno, S.Pd., M.Si.197104081998031002 IV/aLektor Kepala
18Dra. Erin Riyantin Gunawan , M.Si.,Ph.D.196802181996032001IV/aLektor Kepala
19Dr. Muntari,M.Phil.196512081991031003III/dLektor
20Dr. rer.nat Kosim, M.Si.196305221989031004III/dLektor
21Dr. Syamsul Bahri, M.Si.196312311996031002III/dLektor
22Dr. Ahmad Harjono, M.Si196711231994031007III/dLektor
23 Dr. Prapti Sedijani, M.Sc.196208111987032001III/dLektor
24 Dr. H. Dadi Setiadi, M.Sc196209031989031003 III/dLektor
25Drs. Lalu Zulkifli, M.Sc., Ph.D196901131993031001III/cLektor
26Dr. Gunawan, M.Pd.198105012005011002III/cLektor
27Dr. Aliefman Hakim, S.Si., M.Si.198103272005011003III/cLektor
28Dr. rer.nat. Lalu Rudyat Telly Savalas, M.Si197506262003121002III/bAsisten Ahli
29Dr. Saprizal Hadisaputra, S.Si., M.Sc.198011092003121001III/aAsisten Ahli


ComponentsAmounts (IDR)
Tuition Fee (per semester)5.000.000,-
SPI (paid once)4.000.000,-
TOEFL Course550.000,-
KomponenAmounts (IDR)
Tuition Fee (per semester)10.000.000,-
SPI (paid once)8.000.000,-
TOEFL Course550.000,-

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