End-Of-Year Event And The Farewell of Mrs. Ni Nyoman Oka (kasubbag. Tatausaha) Postgraduate Program of Universitas Mataram

Friday, 27 December 2019, the Postgraduate Program of Universitas Mataram held a friendly event at the end of the year to strengthen the relationship between the management, all staffs of Pascasarjana, and staffs of the study programs. This cozy event held at Roemah Langko Mataram was at the same time a farewell and giving away souvenirs to the Kasubbag. of Administration, Mrs. Ni Nyoman Oka, who will enter the Retirement as of January 1, 2019. At the end of the event, the Director of the Postgraduate Program at the Universitas Mataram, Prof. Ir. H. M. Sarjan, M.Sc. also announced and presented prizes to 2 employees with the best performance, Bq. Lina Marwati (Academic) and Syamsul Hadi (Finance). Congratulations to the employees of the year. And a huge thanks to the Head of Subdivision Kasubbag for 13 years of service at the Postgraduate Program of Universitas Mataram. Wish her a plenty of health.